Board of Directors

The Riverwood Improvement Association is lead by a Board of Directors, with each position having a 2 year term. Elections are held each year at the annual meeting. The terms of the Board Members should be staggered so that there will be experienced board members as new members are elected to the board.

2019 Board Members are:

Board Office Name Telephone eMail Term Limit
President Tray Bourg 504-416-1199 2 year
Vice-President Earl Juneau 985-951-0299 1 year
Treasurer Dwayne Mara 504-400-1486 2 year
Secretary Jennifer McLaughlin 985-966-6579 2 year
Member-at-Large #1 RoseAnne Brodie 985-630-1918 1 year
Member-at-Large #2 Colin French 850-543-4620 2 year
Member-at-Large #3 Mike Lonegrass 504-232-5590 2 year
The BOD appoints from within which elected member will assume which Board Office.