Important Notices

Riverwood Clubhouse/Launch Ramp/Playground Marilyn Drive Security Gate

Effective 1 February 2018, the Marilyn Drive gate will be put into its full security mode. Access will require the previously supplied access code (one per family) during the allowed hours.  Each Home Owner/Resident received their personal gate code with the 2018 Dues Invoice.

An eMail account has been provided for residents to request assistance in the use of the gate. The new eMail address is:

Riverwood Drainage Project A meeting was held on February 10, at the Riverwood Clubhouse. Some 75-100 residents attended to learn about this important project. Present was Reid Falconer, Parish Councilman, District 4, Tom Schreiner from Pinnacle Engineering designing  the project and other members from St. Tammany Parish involved in the project. Ross Englsh, President of the Riverwood Board lead the meeting. Numerous questions were presented by the attendees and answered by the design team. The following graphic was provided to illustrate the scope of the project.
Public Works and Riverwood Riverwood is NOT a “Gated Community”. As Riverwood was developed, the developers donated the streets to the St. Tammany Parish, placing the responsibility of street maintenance on the Parish allowing Riverwood residents to contact the St. Tammany Public Works Dept. for various maintenance items. You may contact the Public Works Dept several ways. By telephone: Phone: (985) 898-2557 or Fax: (985) 898-2450 You can input a Work Order directly from your Computer, IPad or Mobile Device at: When completing this online form, it is important to provide an exact address location and a brief description of the problem (such as size and depth of pothole). Once the request is entered, you can go to, and view reports of the Completed Public Works requests. Riverwood is in DISTRICT 4.
EMAIL ADDRESSES NEEDED….. In the past few weeks, several events have occurred  in which a rapid means of contacting the Riverwood residents would have been helpful.  There were two events that affected water service to some , if not all, of the residents; a water line break and a fire hydrant repair.  And now a flushing and treatment of our water system. The BOD realizes that not all residents are computerized, but a good neighbor who is computerized can “pass the word”. At the bottom of each web page is a link to email the Webmaster, who will collect the email addresses and process them to the BOD. When contacting the Webmaster, please provide a name and address along with the email address.
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